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The green, bean, comfort machine…

OK – So maybe it is not a good idea to eat that “pad thai” creation, described below.  I’m just saying, both Kent and I ate the dish on Sunday night, and have since been pretty ill. (Our illness may be due to the fact that everyone around us is sick, BUT it could also be the pad thai!)  Even the dog is looking a little green….

So needless to say, the appetite has been a bit suppressed these past few days. (Let me hear you say, “Yes! Minus 3 pounds!” … Which means I will definitely feel better wearing those jeggings I purchased this past weekend!… Yes, jeggings. More on this later…)

In fact, the only things that “sounded” the least bit “good” yesterday were toast, popsicles (I ate like 10- all grape and cherry, suckers), and soup.  However, later today I was feeling a bit better, and remembered the words my supervisor (also an RD – but the good “I make food with butter” kind, not the crazy kind) told me yesterday.  She said, “You should feed your body comfort foods when you are sick – Feed it what it craves, because it needs to be comforted and nourished back to health.”  Normally, this would be my free pass to eat grilled cheese sandwiches and brownies all day; but today, I had the strongest craving for green bean casserole.

Maybe it is all of the holiday commercials I’ve absorbed during my two-day-stint on the couch with daytime TV.  Perhaps I am just anticipating this holiday’s meal a few weeks too soon (green bean casserole is always on our thanksgiving spread, and is one of my favorites – we’re talking seconds or thirds…) Or maybe it is all of the “fresh,” “modern,” “spin-off” recipes of the classic holiday dish, featured in this month’s Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, and Real Simple (all of which I read cover-to-cover today – and dog-eared/cut out the recipes I want to try… Oh to be home from work with nothing to do….)

Regardless of what spurred this craving, I needed it, badly.  And I needed the version that requires canned green beans, canned (condensed) cream of mushroom soup (preferably the version with way too much sodium), and, of course, the canned fried onions. (What!? You think I was really going to snap some peas, make my own soup, and fry my own onions/shallots while running a fever? Come on….)

So – I drove to Target this afternoon, bought some cans, poured them all in a casserole dish, put the mixture in the oven, and pulled it out 45 minutes later.  All I have to say is, hot damn Lara was right: I felt (and feel) so much better after feeding my body its seasonal comfort food – even if it was highly processed.  I am just one of those pathetic people that needs her mom every time I get sick… and this (kinda) made me feel like I was at home, with mommy (wahhh!).  But now that I have had my fix, I greatly look forward to heading home in a few weeks to have the real-deal.

And with that, I am going to turn in (aka: the cold medicine is kicking in – yet again).  Ahhhchooo! (I mean, adios!)


mmmmm – now that’s the good stuff…


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