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Coming to terms with food (blogging)

After much deliberation, my mind is made up: I am reviving my food blog. I know, I know… You are probably asking yourself, “Deliberation? Over a blog? Free time much?” But to me, it is much more than that. Food blogging, and food in general, is just too crowded of a space these days. When did food become such a trend? Lately, blogging about food, reviewing food and being labeled as a “foodie” can carry such a negative connotation. It’s a little bit ironic, too – food being a trend. It is the one thing that every living organism needs to survive, and yet so many people are without. Writing about which food truck is better or what locally-sourced, over-priced restaurant I prefer just seems a bit ridiculous.

But, as I insinuated earlier, I have come to terms with this. I love food and I love cooking, and I have loved these things since I can remember. Blame that on my Italian ancestors. And so I am slowly but surely reviving the food blog. It’s nothing ground breaking, nothing exceptional and nothing too trendy; just everyday encounters with food.

So read below for my latest post!!!! Hope to see you around!




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