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My Quest for the Best (burger, that is)

Oh wow – it has been a crazy long time since my last post, but I swear I have a line of excuses ready to feed you. (Oh look at that, my first pun of the post!) But really, things have been a little hectic. Since the last time I posted, I left my old job, started a new job, left that job (crazy person, right?), moved into the city, captured Bin Laden (just kidding – and too soon?), traveled to lots of weddings, traveled to Puerto Rico, etc. You get the point: I have been busy. BUT, I have not stopped eating, so I guess there is no real excuse, right? Right.

Although, I must point out, since moving to the NW (and right near my best friends), I have been extremely socially lazy –  frequently refusing to go anywhere outside the normal neighborhood spots – and also a bit lazy in the kitchen. Maybe it is the fall weather, or this brief stint of unemployment, but something has recently inspired me to break out of my shell and cook some different meals and explore some new (to me) restaurants. But since I am bringing in a bit smaller (errrr… a lot smaller) of an income these days, I am most interested in cheap eats. Enter one of the latest D.C. trends: burger joints.

I think I could easily become a vegetarian if it weren’t for burgers…. And hanger steak…. Well, any type of steak for that matter. But seriously, nothing beats a good burger. Thankfully, D.C. has embraced the burger love and recently added a few new hot spots to the city, including the NYC famous Shake Shack and Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. And thus, I am going to embrace the burger love by committing to trying (and rating? commenting on? maybe just devouring…) a burger at each one of the following joints:

I am happy to report that I can cross one of these suckers off my list, since Kent and I tried Good Stuff this past weekend. It was good – that is all I am going to say for now. It might take me a while to get through this list, though – especially if I want to maintain this size 2 figure (Hahahahaha – I crack myself up!) – so stay tuned for updates! Trust me, I know you must be on pins and needles.

Well that’s all for now, kids. I burger be on my way – I got people to meat this afternoon! (Yes, I know – that was a stretch. I’m done. Promise.)

Hugs and kisses and yummy food wishes!



2 comments on “My Quest for the Best (burger, that is)

  1. mariagall
    September 7, 2011

    I burger be on my way. I gotta meat people this afternoon.


  2. Kate
    September 8, 2011

    You need to have Ray’s Hell with Rob and I! We can walk to it from our apt. and go waaaay too much.

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