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A Berry Good Start to the Day

What’s one to do on a spring-like morning with a banana going bad and a pint of blueberries on their way out? Why, make a smoothie, of course!

After about 90 minutes of hot yoga and a bike ride home in this beautiful 60 degree weather, a smoothie was just what I needed to get this day off to the right start. Any fruit/vegetable combination can work just fine; this is just what I had in the fridge… And what I wanted to avoid throwing in the trash!

What you need:
A blender of some sort
Milk (I used organic vanilla soy milk – I think the vanilla makes it sweeter, so I would add some vanilla extract if you use regular milk)

The Smoothie Magic:
I put a large banana and about 1/2 pint of blueberries in the blender
Added in about 1/4 cup of organic vanilla soy milk
Topped it off with about 1 cup of ice
Pulsed it until everything was crushed and smoothed
And saved some for later!

Yesterday I was saying, “wake me up when the rain stops and when the pool opens.” Today I am doing cartwheels and skipping to work! … And no, there was no rum in that smoothie… But I might try that later 🙂

Peace, friends!


Mmmmm blueberry and banana smoothie

So good it's posing for me!


One comment on “A Berry Good Start to the Day

  1. Leeann Post
    October 8, 2012

    Soy milk is great but i still prefer the old school cows milk since it contains more calcium. “””,’

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