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Weeknight Wonder – Thai Style Tofu and Slaw

Life has thrown a few curve balls my way these past few weeks. But hey, it wouldn’t be life without some curveballs (or those balls thrown at 90 mph that hit you right in the face – those are fun, too). Needless to say, walking in the door from work at 8:00 p.m. without a clue as to what to make for dinner does not fly with a hungry husband, an excited puppy and a very tired and hungry ME!

That is why, on most weeknights, I am very willing to accept a few shortcuts to help whip-up a healthy and satisfying meal in a matter of minutes.

This evening was no exception. After a 12-hour workday, I turned to my best weeknight culinary friend, Trader Joe, for a much-needed hand. In my fridge, I had a ½ bottle of spicy Thai peanut dressing, a bag of broccoli slaw, a package of extra-firm tofu and a bag of fresh spinach. THIS, I can work with…

A mouthful of this makes weeknights less painful...








(Yes, I know – You may not have Thai peanut dressing in your fridge – but never fear! It is pretty easy to “make.” Have peanut butter? Warm some up in the microwave for about 10 seconds at a time, taking it out and whisking in some water and then reheating until it reaches the consistency of “sauce.” Then, you can add in some ginger, some garlic , some chili sauce, some brown rice vinegar or whatever else you have to make it to your taste. It is also really easy to find a good peanut sauce at most grocery stores…)

I immediately started marinating the broccoli slaw and the tofu in the Thai dressing. While I let both the tofu and the slaw sit, I started sautéing a little bit of sesame oil, some fresh chopped ginger and some garlic in a pan over medium heat. I added the fresh spinach to the pan and let everything sauté for a little while longer. A few minutes later (and a few drizzles of Sriracha and Tamari sauce later), I removed the spinach from the heat and immediately plated the greens.

Then, I grilled the marinated tofu on a griddle for about 5 minutes on each side –After I removed the tofu from the heat, I drizzled the squares with a little more of the Thai peanut sauce and sesame oil.

To finish off the dish, plate the tofu on top of the slaw and serve next to the spinach – Enjoy an incredibly nutritious and delicious meatless meal!

This recipe is perfect because it requires very few ingredients, very little brain activity and, more importantly, very little time!

Happy weekday, folks! And hang in there! Namaste!


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