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Beachy Beans and Other Summer Happenings

Yes, I know the title for this post could be a little more… exciting. BUT, for a vegetarian, there is nothing better than stumbling across a good bean recipe—Especially one that is light, summery and portable (follow my thoughts: to the beach, the pool, a picnic, etc.).

Happy on the beach

First, I am just going to say that I hate the fact that, as a vegetarian, I am posting about beans. I feel like I am falling into the stereotype that engulfs so many vegetarians, vegans and even “felxitarians.” That stereotype being that we just eat beans, quinoa and kale.

For the record, I do not just eat beans, quinoa and kale. In contrast, I consume more potato chips and beer than any other food group. And that is why I was more-than-excited to stumble upon (and conjure up) this bean recipe that is incredibly healthy and tasty.

Lemony beans with tomato orzo and a salad

As with most things, I can’t take full credit for this recipe. This is a knock-off of something I have seen the lovely Rachel Brumitt make several times over. But after a couple of trials and adjustments, I feel like I have finally mastered the best lemony/garlicy beans.

Lemons scream summer

So… What makes these beans beachy? Well, as I already stated, they are light and portable; but best of all, they are lemony, garlicy, creamy and amazing when served alongside anything that just came off the grill. (…  Try substituting this recipe for your traditional baked beans.)

… And corona screams beach

The secret for these beans is that they cook down in their own starchy water, which makes them super creamy without all of the added fat. Eat them hot, eat them room temperature or even eat them cold. Eat them alone, serve them with a cold pasta dish (I made an orzo and tomato dish) or even eat with meat—No matter what, these are my ultimate summer beans.

The key to making these beans “creamy” is having them cook down in their own starchy liquid

So enjoy! …. Hopefully by water and with the best of friends.

Family ❤


Bring two cups of dried cannellini beans and 10 cups of water to boil. Continue to cook on high until the liquid cooks down (until almost gone). Add four more cups of water and continue to cook on high. After this water cooks down, add about two more cups of water and continue to cook – When this water is almost cooked down, add in 4 cloves of chopped garlic, turn down to medium heat and add in the juice of one lemon. Stir continuously and add 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and 1 ½ tsp of coarse sea salt. Stir and remove from heat when the liquid is cooked down.

Allow the beans to cool and become “creamy” in their own liquid.


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