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My Poor, Neglected Blog


Fall leaves in DC.

Every Sunday night, I turn-in with the same guilty thought: Another week has passed, and I have yet to update my blog…

I know what you’re thinking – In the grand scheme of things, this is a very small problem. But this blog is somewhat of a creative culinary “diary” (minus the sketched hearts and lip gloss kisses), and dammit, I just want to jot down my food crushes!

But life is life, and this life has become a busy one. (Not bad busy, good busy.) In fact, it’s not that I don’t have time for blogging – It’s the opposite, really.

"Union Market"

Visiting Union Market

I’ve been busy doing a different kind of blogging. (Shameless shout-out to all my Washingtonians: checkout for neighborhood news and lifestyle pieces from some damn fine contributors and yours truly!) And pretty soon, I’ll be taking a stab at radio! Don’t worry, you won’t be hearing my high-pitched, scratchy voice on the airwaves – I’ll be behind the scenes, writing up some local news stories.


Late night bike rides on 14th Street

And since I don’t have time today (or this month, apparently) to whip up something yummy and original, I thought I’d populate this little diary with a “I’m sorry for neglecting you” haiku. (And a random assortment of pretty pictures…  Because really, what’s a post without pictures?)

My Busy Life, My Sad Kitchen

The stove flame flickers
Oven and outlet on-hold
I’ll just eat crackers

Yes, I know I am a dork. But at least I celebrate it will poetry.

Until next time, friends!

A Weekend retreat to Charleston


One comment on “My Poor, Neglected Blog

  1. dottieji
    October 17, 2012

    Love your blog, and it and we will wait for your return.

    Sent from my iPhone

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